More hair care tips
While of course the best way to get your hair looking great is to make an appointment with our expert stylists, there are a lot of things you can do at home to keep your hair looking great on a day to day basis.   When shampooing, massage in the shampoo, not the conditioner, for about half a minute. For conditioner, just rub it from the tips of your hair towards your head, and let it si...
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Galway races hairdressers
If you're going to the Galway Races you'll probably want the best Galway hairdressers you can find, but it's a good opportunity to look at some hair care tips for when you're washing your hair! Try massaging some olive oil or coconut oil into your hair about sixty minutes before showering to condition it in advance of showering. Using water that is too hot can actually harm your...
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Balayage - Stay Light!
For those of us looking for a long-lasting hairstyle in Galway that grows out perfectly, the time has come for balayage in Galway! Becoming ever more popular in its gentle, subtle yet striking progression from the root of your hair to the tip of your hair, it's not hard to see why balayage is seen as the last word in colur trends recently. Colouring, when done by one of our professional awa...
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System Professional Balance!
The System Professional Balance Line with its exclusive Dermacalm Complex, relaxes the scalp and helps it build up its own protective barrier. This allows the scalp to protect itself against irritation. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing active substances are especially effective within the cornified layer. THE RESULT Healthy resilient and moisturized scalp. ALL SYSTEM PROFESSION...
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Balayage and Hair Colouring Galway
Many of us have heard about the latest hot new trend sweeping the catwalks and fashionable circles of the world today, and it's called Balayage. So what is it? In French it means to sweep or paint, and for your Galway hair colouring it gives a beautiful, elegant yet wild and natural sun-kissed look. Balayage is applied freehand and only to the surface, except at the tips of the hair, blendi...
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Stressed Hair
We all know what stress feels like, you're under pressure, a bit ragged, little things seem bigger – but did you know that your hair can get stressed too! Thankfully at our Galway hair Salon we have just the thing to relax and calm your hair at the hands of our expert hair technicians. Meanwhile, here are a few ideas to help you deal with stressed hair! Try changing your hairstyle to ...
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Getting Ready for your Hair Colouring!
Changing your hair colour can make a big difference in how other people see you and how you see yourself, so get the most out of your hair colouring experience with Pazam Hair Studio using a few simple tips! For your pre-colour prep you should condition your hair properly to get consistent results. Make sure you use deep conditioning a few days before your appointment to give them a healthy shi...
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Detox January
So, January is here with a bang. Detox city for most, if not all of us. Your hair needs it just as much as anything. So, introducing our product of the month, Elements. This range is free from sulfates, parabens and artificial colourants. Inspired by the unique combination of science and nature, Wella Professional scientists developed the NuTree complex enriched with natural tree extract to help p...
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Christmas Gift Sets
Contact us to find out more about our great Christmas Gift Sets! LUMINOUS  SMOOTHENING OIL FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Versatile perfecting oil for hair smoothness and glossy effect, with macadamia and avocado oils. LUMINOUS REVEAL SHAMPOO Light moisturizing shampoo leaves the hair deeply cleansed and luminous LUMINOUS INSTANT CONDITIONER 30-second smoothening conditioner...
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OUR PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!     SHINE & RESPONSIVENESS SERUM RESULT It instantly smoothens the hair surface with a silky touch while simultaneously improving resilience and strength. TARGET GROUP For all hair types, especially those who are looking for a silky hair feel with a natural movement and bounce. PRODUCT The unique finishing treatment that instantly ...
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System Professional Energy Code
To recalibrate the hair’s natural lipid layer, System Professionals’s scientists developed and patented the EnergyCode™ technology: based on a complex of carefully balanced ingredients in specifically targeted concentrations throughout the System Professional range, so that the personal Care System recommended by the Hair Care Consultant transforms each unique hair energy. The se...
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Protect Your Hair
Just as your skin takes a seasonal beating, your locks get dry and frizzy as well. Flyaway hair and split ends are often reported from the lack of humidity, so hair needs a thick moisturizer to coat each strand and protect it from blow drying on top of the outside air. Which is why at Pazam, we only use the best products in the industry. Call in now for your own individual Energy Code, and get som...
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Congratulations to Sara!
Sara was chosen to be one of 15 finalists, out of multiple entries for this years Wella Trend Vision. It's a very prestigious honour to have her talent and creative flair to be picked out of the whole of Ireland. The whole look was created by her, including making the dress and jewellery. Such an artistic look, we are all extremely proud of her!     ...
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Dealing with Oily Hair!
Your body natural releases oils to help protect and moisturise your hair, but sometimes it produces too much, leading to greasy, oily hair which can look lank and depressing. Quite often it's your body's response to overwashing, which can be made worse by continuing the wash cycle! As the natural oils are removed, your scalp can overcompensate causing oily locks. So what can you do to d...
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Autumn Hair Care Tips!
The changing season has an effect on our hair, so get ready for this autumn with a few straightforward haircare tips from Pazam Hair Studio! Something a lot of people don't know is that hair has a tendency to get lighter in the summertime and darker in the winter, so dyed hair might benefit from adding some warmer colours. Auburn and caramel help blond hair, and lighter highlights for dark hai...
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Easy Styles for Back to School!
While of course the best place to get your hair styled is in a Galway hair salon, when you're rushing to get ready for school or college at this time of year you want something quick and easy, with a bit of lasting power. Here are a few simple styles to help get you through the day. A rope braid ponytail is one of the easiest, just tie up your hair in a ponytail and create a rope braid ...
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Galway Hair Extension Care
After you get your hair extensions Galway from our expert hair technicians here and Pazam, we'll be delighted to offer you some tips on how best to make sure you get the most from your hair. These include regular brushing for smooth strength, using a soft bristle brush, and patiently begin at the bottom, just as you would with normal hair. It's important to be gentle and kind when brushing...
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Hair Care in Humidity
Irish summers are well known for being a mixed bag – all four seasons in a day! But they do tend to be warm and humid, which can lead to problems with puffy hair. Here are a few tips to help prevent puffy hair this summer. Longer and straighter haircuts add weight and help to pull the hair downwards, which reduces puffiness. Shampoo at most once every couple of days, as shampoo will remov...
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Summer Sun Hair Protection
With the baking heat we've experienced over the last few weeks and hopefully more to come, it pays to pay attention to the effects the sun can have on our hair. Like your skin, your hair will respond to its environment, so in hot dry places we need to use special protection. Our specialists in Pazam Hair Studio will be happy to offer you ideas on how to protect yourself, but meanwhile here are...
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Rules for Hair that will Help!
Here at Pazam Hair Stuido in Galway we have the best expertise in looking after your hair so here are a few tips that might help you to keep your hair looking great! Firstly find a shampoo with less lather, foamy shampoos are often filled with moisturising oils which can stick around in your hair after you think it's been washed. What actually happens is it will attract dirt more quickly, so g...
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Untangling Hair
We've all had that experience - clumped and matted hair that's just difficult to untangle! Well, here from Pazam Hair Studio are a few tips on how to return your hair to its normal glossy look. Don't forget to use hair conditioner during your shower. This will help to keep the natural hair oils locked in, and if that's not helping you can step it up with deep conditioners made u...
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Picking the Right Hair Brush
Nothing is more important when styling and looking after your hair than picking the right tools for the job. Your choice in the humble hairbrush can really make a difference when it comes to perfecting and controlling your hair's look and style. The kind of brush you should pick depends on your hair type, or just call into your Galway hairdressers at Pazam for expert advice! Straighter Hair...
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Springtime Hair Care
Your hair is your motif, your most significant feature, it's what people see first and what they remember about you, framing your features and setting off your fashion. So as we move from winter into springtime it's important to take extra special care of your hair in order to look your best! While spring is a great time of year, it also causes humidity and other factors which can cause...
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Top tips for feeling fab at this years Christmas party!
At this time of year there are a whirlwind of parties and exciting events to go to, whether it's an office party or a festival these beauty tips can help you to look your best. It's often not neccessary to spend loads of time putting on makeup and doing your hair, less can sometimes be more! Generally putting on too much tan is something to be avoided, and use a new glove when applying ...
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Wedding hair tips
On your special day you deserve the best! So here are a few tips and hints to help you get the most out of your wedding day do. Firstly you should think about having a hair test, a kind of dry run for the main event. This should let you try out three or four different hairstyles, preferably several weeks ahead of the wedding itself. Make sure your stylist knows what your headpiece will look lik...
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Looking after your hair in cold weather
During the cold winter months our hair can sometimes suffer. The Pazam guide to keeping your hair healthy in the cold season will help you out though. The first thing to do is keep conditioning. Dehydration is a major problem with the cold and wind, so you need to keep your hair moisturised. You should also avoid using heated hair tools wherever possible, as these will only make the drying prob...
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Dealing with Split Ends
There are few hair conditions as difficult to deal with as split ends. No matter what your age or the kinds of treatments you've used on your hair, there's always a risk your hair will develop split ends. Basically they happen when heat or chemicals are applied to the hair, drying it out and weakening it. Generally speaking having the hair cut is the only real solution, call into us her...
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Protecting curly hair
It can be quite difficult to look after curly hair properly, due to the way it gets dry easily, becomes frizzy and gets split ends. However it is possible to look after your lustrous curls and make sure they shine! It's probably best to avoid expensive shampoos and conditioners, there isn't usually much difference between those and normal shampoos. Due to the way that curly hair ten...
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Looking after your hair colour
Using too much hairdye can cause long term damage to your hair, so it's probably best to seek professional advice before you go making any serious changes. You should select colour-safe shampoos and other products which are designed specifically to protect dyed hair. It's also a good idea to apply swimming conditioner to you hair after moistening it to protect it from harmful che...
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Healthier hair for you
If your hair is really fine, apply conditioner before you shampoo your hair in the shower. It's best not to towel dry your hair roughly, but instead blot dry the hair and brush with a natural bristle brush and a wide toothed comb. Apply conditioner from the mid shaft of your hair to the ends the hair from the middle to the base isn't prone to damage. A cool water rinse after showering can ...
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More volume!
Conditioners and styling products like gel can build up in your hair and weigh it down, so it's best to shampoo with a volumiser previous to styling. If you like to wear hats but don't like hat-hair, you should just apply the conditioner to the middle of the shaft of hair to the roots, giving the entire hair extra spring. Let gravity help you in your styling, hang your head upside-do...
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