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Dealing with Split Ends

There are few hair conditions as difficult to deal with as split ends. No matter what your age or the kinds of treatments you've used on your hair, there's always a risk your hair will develop split ends.

Basically they happen when heat or chemicals are applied to the hair, drying it out and weakening it. Generally speaking having the hair cut is the only real solution, call into us here at Pazam to set up an appointment, there are some things you can do to reduce hair damage.

Using a wide toothed comb or a soft hairbrush os the main thing, and pat dry or let your hair dry naturally after a shower. Using a quality hairdryer also helps if this is not an option. Be gentle with your hair, use gel or finishing spray to get a sleek look. Drying downwards with a diffuser also helps a lot.

The strength and thickness of your hair is also associated with the food you eat, foods like brown rice, peas, and nuts are great sources of vitamin B.

Use gentle conditioners that you can leave in overnight or during the day instead of the conditioners you wash out in the shower.

And of course getting regular trims is a great way to improve the length and strength of your hair.







Professional hair colouring

The Pazam girls are all Wella Master Colour Experts, which is the highest level of certification in the hairdressing industry. You can turn to any of our stylists for the best advice about creating and maintaining the perfect colour. We thrive on continuing professional training, regularly attending courses and inspiration days to always be up-to-the-minute with new trends, techniques and products. We use only the highest quality Wella colour and products.





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Pazam hair salon testimonials

Pazam hair salon testimonials

I recommend Kaleigh! Got my hair done for a basketball event the first weekend in November. I struggle to keep curls in my hair but Kaleigh did a fantastic job and it lasted the whole night without dropping at all. Delighted with it and will definitely be back next time I’m in Galway! Sorry we forgot to take a photo with Joanna and post it to your page....

Pazam hair salon testimonials

Had my Gold Fever extensions put in today by the fabulous Pamela. They are amazing and I have been getting loads of compliments on them, especially on how natural they look. Thanks again can't recommend this place enough. Will be back.
Aisling Power

Pazam hair salon testimonials

Excellent as usual.
Ann Kelly

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