Healthier hair for you

If your hair is really fine, apply conditioner before you shampoo your hair in the shower. It's best not to towel dry your hair roughly, but instead blot dry the hair and brush with a natural bristle brush and a wide toothed comb. Apply conditioner from the mid shaft of your hair to the ends the hair from the middle to the base isn't prone to damage. A cool water rinse after showering can also give your hiar that extra vitality and strength. Always make sure that you rinse heavy conditioner out of your hair as well.

The food that you eat will have an effect on your hair, so try to eat a good healthy diet for healthier stronger hair.

Sleeping on satin pillows can be beneficial to sleek healthy hair as it won't snag your locks, and don't leave your hair tied up when sleeping. Likewise rubber or metal hairclasps can tug at your hair, weakening it. It's best to use covered hairbands when possible.

Be careful when your hair is wet, as it's more vulnerable to breakage then.

Deep condition your hair once a week to leave it soft and strong. Apply your usual conditioner all over damp hair and put hair in a shower cap or towel. Leave it on your hair for ten minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Dry, brittle hair also looks flat and lacking shine. Apply a moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo, making sure to rinse it out well. If your hair is brittle, don't be afraid to lightly rinse conditioner out of your hair - it may benefit from a little conditioner left on your ends.

To prevent breakage, wash hair with Wella Shampoo and Conditioner, which contain proteins that make hair 80% stronger. Hair is most fragile when it is wet, so after washing, dry hair gently with a towel to absorb excess water. Try to avoid brushing until most of the moisture has evaporated.




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